International Management Engineering Consultancy and Environmental Technologies Inc.

IMECE is a Turkish incorporated company established in October 1994. With its highly qualified and experienced staff IMECE has committed itself to the uncompromising satisfaction of its clients. Our clients do not only come first but also assist us to discover new areas of development.

In addition, IMECE maintains standing agreements of cooperation with individual experts and public institutions, thereby supplementing the company’s own know-how in connection with assignments demanding multidisciplinary teams of specialists.

The extents of services required by a client are always tailored to the nature of the project and its requirements, purpose and magnitude.

IMECE is conversant with all the major lending agencies and can quickly formulate a project for a client in terms of a particular lending agency. This can simplify and expedite the lending agency’s project identification and start-up.

Furthermore conducting Institutional Strengthening or Organizational Development Projects to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public utilities including water supply, sewerage and solid waste management is an integral part of the services furnished by IMECE.