International Management Engineering Consultancy and Environmental Technologies Inc.

Environmental projects require integrated expertise in various technical areas ranging from environmental strategic planning, health risk management, environmental audits and hazardous materials management to remedial engineering and construction management.

IMECE’s multidisciplinary environmental engineering teams provide a wide array of services in infrastructure, industrial and housing investment projects as well as in municipal and utility services. Engineering design, consultancy and supervision services provided by IMECE include:

  • Master Planning,
  • Technical and Economical Feasibility Studies,
  • Surveys and Investigations including Geological, Geotechnical, Topographic,  Hydrological and Hydro-geological,
  • Field Studies, Investigation and Selection of Sites,
  • Preliminary and Detailed Design, including Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Services,
  • Preparation of Contract Documents including Specifications and Bill of Quantities,
  • Evaluation of Bids and Contract Management,
  • Project and Construction Supervision and Procurement,
  • Issuing of Interim and Final Certificates,
  • Inspection and Testing of Materials and Installations,
  • Geographic Information Systems,
  • Training and Advisory Services.

Nowadays, efforts in solving environmental problems have now taken the first priorities all around the World, due to increasing concerns about the environment. Our services directed to environmental protection and improvement cover the following major items:

  • Environmental Impact Studies,
  • Environmental Inspections,
  • Strategically Environment Management,
  • Studies on Environmental Policies and Arrangements,
  • Measurement and Investigations on Earth and Ground Water pollution together with Water and Wastewater Quality,
  • Water Resources Development, Water Treatment and Distribution Studies,
  • Wastewater Collection, Treatment and Disposal Studies,
  • Stormwater Management,
  • Solid Waste Management and Design of Landfill Area,
  • Design of Pollution Control and Studies on Emergency Measures,
  • Training and Consultancy Services.

As on complementary and also essential part of engineering and environmental services, we provide intuitional, financial and management services. These services include:

  • Establishment and Execution of Strategically Management Models and Plans,
  • Studies on Management Policies,
  • Studies on Building of Financial Strategies and Alternatives,
  • Preparation of Operation and Application Instructions,
  • Design and application of billing and collection systems,
  • Studies on Establishment of Optimum Tariff Structure,
  • Studies on Improvement of Personnel and Organisation Structures,
  • Privatisation, Re-structuring and Valuation Studies,
  • Design and Execution of Management Information Systems,
  • Design and Execution of Budget Control and Accounting Systems,
  • Project and Programme Cost / Benefit Studies and Economical Feasibility Studies,
  • Studies on Defining and Improving of Productivity and Effectiveness.